Hurry Up And Wait


"Hurry Up And Wait"

Hee�s baaacckk!!
To rip on this track, I�ll rip any broad
I don�t care, white or black!
Hee�s baaacckk!
If Pit�s on da job, then there�s no need to worry
Dog just hurry up and wait,
Cuz I aint Going no where anytime soon
Sick what these rappers wanna be?
That�s me, times 2
Get ready for me to take over this game
I�m cutting da flow, like I�m cutting da cane
Things will never be da same
There�s a lick for 50 bricks
Now pause�
And think about it
Then pause�
Is it really worth it?
Then pause� pause�
I�m ready to go, jump in da ride
Get da mask, get da gloves
Cut off da lights, pop da gat
Run inside, fire�em up or tie�em up
But don�t forget to pick up da prize
And upgrade the ??
If they don�t give up da pies
I would hate to have to calm these boys down
Cuz to be honest I can�t, so Pal�
Why don�t you just give us da keys and pounds
Now Guess What He Said?

[Chorus 2x]
Ya�ll want my spot?! Hurry up and wait!
Ya�ll want me to stop?! Hurry up and wait!
Ya�ll want me shot?! Hurry up and wait!
Ya�ll hurry up and wait! Ya�ll hurry up and wait!

I�ve been brought up,
By street cats who didn�t get caught up
Like that New Jack Nino Brown at da Carter
I�m da new Tony Montana, only I�m just a
Little bit smarter!

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