Blind Faith


In a smoky room, could have been the devil's tomb
90 miles east of LA
Feeling desperate and cold, barely 19 years old
Searching for the light through the pouring rain

I visualize, the cold reality
But if I don't try
The answer dies inside of me

Blind faith, take me to the mountains
Blind faith leads me to the sea
Blind faith takes me to a higher ground
Come on, come on, come on and help me find my way

In a small town school
Caught between the liars and the fools
She spent her days thinking about her life
She was full of dreams and doubts
Searching for that one way out
Didn't want to spend the rest of her days being a small town wife
But deep inside, she didn't have the heart to leave


I just got to get myself out of here
We visualize the life we want to lead, but deep inside
Got to find a reason to believe


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