Crack A Smile


(Here it comes)
Well funky monkey's in the jungle tonight
They got two by two don't hear me right

Band playing loudly baby
Gone are the days when the days gone
I said gone

When the monkeys are gone
Gone or dead this is what they said

Lost Mary
Cries, cries, cries
Yeah she does, yeah baby, that is what she did
Lions sleeps, baby
the lamb surely dies (??)
I just don't want to f*ck you

That's it

When the jungle sleeps
Is when the monkey shine
I said you do baby ? don't mind

Back ? are wild
If the deuces left in than the deuces are wild

I said baby, well,

Lost Mary
Cries, cries, cries
Yeah ?
Lions sleeps, baby
Dies, dies, dies
I just don't want to f*ck you

Ooooh, kick it!


Give me some of that

Well dime store cowboy shoot your gun
Knock them mother f*ckers down one by one

Money on up it's in your face
Gimme no lip or get your face back here

Ooh, got it right

When the monkey don't sleep
And the money don't shine
Well, ??


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