Sad Whisperings

Leaving Me Behind


Thou shall leave each thing most dearly
So it will pierce thou heart with dread
Even no respite to fear
That in thou heart's recesses deep had lain

Which to remember only, thou dismay
Renews in bitterness not far from death

Struggling with sadness, turned to view the straits
That none had past but only seen

But that shall gall thee most
Will be the worthless and vile company
With whom thou must be thrown into these straits

All hope abandonned, ye who enter there
To that sad hell, where mid the gust

The wirlwind and the flaw
of rain and hailstones
Lovers need not to tell all their sorrows

Pale were the lips I saw and smelt
Pale were the lips I kissed and felt
and fair were all their forms
I floated upon their melancholy storm

In the dreams which anger overcame me
It is the fury inward on thyself
Solve, prey and consume thee!!
Cause love brought us to one death

We spilt our life in a disdainful mood
Unceasing was the play of our wretched hands
Thighten up on views
How hopeful words can be

Don't leave me behind

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