Saint Avarice

Blood Matrix


No one cheats life by playing their cards right
And no one cheats death because death has no remorse
Driven by anger and fragments of past lives
Believing in nothing when one thing is born
Tape our walls shut and blind us of the truth
When the truth is in fact all a lie in its own
Bleeding for an answer and created by a plague that surrounds us
Demolished, devoured as a whole
It will eat you alive, God!
Leave it to us, we who complicate and take in all the hatred, pain
That is derived from our eyes
Leave it to us
No more looks
No more answers to your questions
No more holding on to lies
I'm wondering what you will say
If I told you all that no one will be safe
And how will you tend to the pain
Because your disease tastes so bitter
Bleeding's not optional, point at your cross
As you stare into darkness society falls
Where we wait for our answers and play for the truth
As nightmares dwell in and kill off the youth
If seeing is believing, believe that you re dead
You re crowned as a corpse with no use for a head
Hate turns to blood, blood into tears
There's no need to hide for our shadows smell fear
It will eat you alive, God!

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