Saints Of Eden



Crawling on my kness I'll find you. And if it takes me forever then for sure
I'll be there. This os a distant vision where there's something for me.
I'm on a journey where I combat fear.
Is this Lightscape never ending
I'm gonna kick it all down.
I caught a glimpse of you passing me by. But then you disappeared into the light.
It's so dark I feel I'll never arrive. They say the only way out is to feel it inside.
So if you'll give me the strenght in my hands I'll crawl -
Stretch out wide, but I can't feel the walls.
In my darkness I fall, no light to see. So where do I escape.
It could be anywhere.
A fear gives way to the pressure inside. And now I find that there's something not right.
A deep awareness of what surrounds me. And I don't understand the other side.

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