Loaded Mutha


I ain't got time to listen, you found me a little too late
Sittin' around hearin' all this bullshit is turning love to hate
You said I was the black sheep, and I feel I've committed a crime
But living with you is like livin' in jail, and I'm tired of doing time

Kick it!

Huh! Whoa...!

They say that I've turned crazy on the wrong side of the tracks
Put a switch blade in my hands, hung the Devil on my back
Yeah, I'd lie steal and cheat, babe, to get the fill I need
And if you stand in my way I'll cut you to the bone
And leave you down there to bleed - sing it!

Would you sell your Mother? Would you sell your Brother?
Yeah I'd sell 'em all to fly high
In the line of fire - in the line of fire - can you get much higher
Oh I give a little, take a little, make a little, sell a little
I can never get enough so


Get out, oh I'm a Loaded Mutha, yeah a shotgun between your eyes
Stay out, no, I need no other, I got the Devil by my side

Riding this wild horse yeah, I'm tangled in its reins
I've grown scared of tomorrow, yesterday's in my veins
See the snake bites so quickly, the venom runs so deep
Now I'm holdin' on while I'm in God's hands as the poison lays my soul to sleep

Now years are melting faster, habit is my master
Oh I give a little, take a little, make a little, sell a little
A stone cold sinner in love, so


Tied down behind closed doors, walk out like you did before - get out!


I'm a scared lonely teen with a crazed disease
Got the Devil inside that I have to please
I lost my way in the winding turns
I'm salting wounds, it's my soul that burns
I tried to buy back the life I've sold, but not alone, I can't stop cold
Oh God help me now, take me in your arms and show me how


Oh the devil - get out - oh Lord have mercy, mercy, mercy
Take me, take me, take me take me take me in your arms

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