The Forsaken

God Of Demise


[Music: Persson; Lyrics: Sjæholm]

the storm has settled
the ancient sun will rise
we obey every your demand
the world is tumbeling
our god of demise...

still you abandon me
I have praised the words
Taught in your name
Worked as your slave
Trying to understand
These weak words
Now show me a sign

My knuckles are bloody
My knees are week praying

[Lead: Holm]

I own the simplest of things
Dedictated this vain

Others that disbeliefed,
Were hung by the neck...
And were found,
With the tounge cut out...

[Lead: Persson]

Relics all around
The isle that should lead to you
Studies of the history of mankind
Read and write in latin
Travelled the world from coast to coast
Seen the plauges
The blacken the tounge
Trying to heal, speaking your words
Pray for helf - so that mankind
Won`t go under

Have I proof of the excistence
Believed in the end of the world
The one that gave us life
Read the printed words...

Why have you forsaken me?
Lord, why have you forsaken me...?

I have no proof of the things
I teach are true

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