Be A Good Robot


Acquiesce is to the plea.
The decree is clear and binding.
It's required that you integrate into the uniform and grand design.
Just go along.
You can't prolong it.
The power it is way too strong.
In the throng you'll stay abide and you'll obey,
while waiting for instructions that your master will convey.

Be a good robot.
It's easier- and if you're not.
There are many ways to punish any strays.
Be a good Ro- Be a good robot.

You think you're immune to the commune's unbridled coaxing pressure.
Pierce your nose. Wear different clothes.
And indicate that you will never be one of them, but that's how they win.
They make you think that you have chose but secretly the master knows.
It's part of the plan they guide your hand.
But you did not decide and unwittingly divide.

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