Clowns Are Experts


Clowns are neato clowns are fun
Clowns are loved by everyone
Cops n' commies even fags
Everybody loves a gag
Clowns everywhere are freakin' out
In parades they scream n' shout
They're sad as hell, and they're singin' the blues
Cause no one laughs at their great big shoes
Here's some clowns we really love: Bozo, Scoopy, Rusty Nails
Here's a clown we really hate: Ronald McDonald
( He's only in it for the burgers )
I saw a clown in the mall today
My brother cried and he ran away
They get no respect, aren't served in bars
No matter how many friends they can fit in their cars
The other day I was drivin' around in the clown
Mobile with 17 of my friends towinThe ferris wheel in the back and this cop pulls me over and says,
"Where ya goin' Bozo?"
I said, "I'm not Bozo. I sure wish I was, though.
The man's a friggin' genius."
Clowns are forced to take jobs across the nation

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