Designed By Satan


Talking board- misunderstood.
What looked good on paper even looked better on wood.
A card game way out of control.
Divining what's to be while tempting fortune with the soul.
The table tilts the lights go dim and then the fun begins.
We stay up late and it's all great, The Parker Brother's sin, can't be undone.

Designed by Satan.
It's all in fun.
Designed by Satan.

John Edwards is much to blame.
The Renaissance is all but Fair, they all bring on the same.
When will the dirt bags ever learn?
For every Slayer melody a thousand more will burn.

A thousand miles below the floor where screams cannot be heard.
And those that don't belive don't care don't recognize the word, until he's won

Designed by Satan
It's all in fun

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