Dig A Hole


It's a sacrilege to question and thinking is a crime,
"Let the 'tards eat twinkies" is the mantra of our time.
Fuck no it isn't who you are, you're only what you've bought.
With Teletubbies teaching toddlers take it down a notch.
The glory of misinformed who never leave the couch.
Crying when their favorite guy is voted from the house.
The future can't be better but the childeren they won't mind,
just give them shiny objects and tell them never try. Never try.

You think it's stupid now?
You'll see, we're only borderline retarded compared to where we'll be.
The future generation has their work cut out for them.
Keep lowering the bar and dig a hole to put it in.
Dig a hole. Dig a hole.

The dumbing down of dummies in a shameful, spinning spiral.
With puppet masters mastering with plausible denial.
They give us what we want, but make fuck sure we're addicted.
To sugar coated fluffy air and guilty pleasure sickness.

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