Here in America, respect your fellow man
Some foreign cultures don't understand
We got this little rule and it's called elbow room
Pertaining to the spacial occupancy you consume
It I'm in front of line, then you should stay behind
Until I get my iceless soda.
It's such a simple thing it's called first come first serve
Wooden clogs that smash my feet I really don't deserve
In every region it seems there's a legion
of impatient close talking slime, that cut in line.
Barge me with your walkin' spray me with your talkinI am the ambassador of kick your assador
What's your affinity for my vicinity.
There's plenty room here in your country
It's just etiquette to use deodorant.
Maybe smelling bad's the way you choose to represent
Boozy and stinkin' I smell what your thinkinI just need a little more space Get out my face
Barge me with your walkin', spray me with your talkinBack the fuck up ass hole shut your bread & cheese hole
Tryin' to make myself clear, give me just a foot here
You offend my sinus, I'll kick your royal highness
I'll see your Euro-barge by friend, and raise you one Ugly American
Barge me with your walkin' spray me with your talkin'

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