F'd Up Girl


m well aware that you are chemically imbalanced
but I'm the kind of guy that likes a challenge
from a crazy kind of girl who lives in her own world
Who is legally insane

I'm not afraid and I'll rise to the occasion
and I'll remind you when it's time for medication
for a mixed up little girl alone in this big world
Who is legally insane

You need someone who's there whether you're lucid or delusional
You need someone to hold your hand if you're confused at all

I understand all the problems you've got
I'll stay up nights on a suicide watch for you
Fucked up girl

I'll be with you until we find a good solution
and keep you out of any mental institutions
'Cause you're legally insane
It takes some patience and a lot of sacrifice
helping a lunatic get through her life
I'll protect you from yourself 'cause you've got nobody else
And you're legally insane

You need someone who's there when you're lo

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