Flowers Are Prett


children are lovely before they get ugly, and learn to do bad
stuff. flowers are pretty before they get shitty, and rot and
turn to dust i heard that life is a wheel and you can't make it
stop if you try it'll flatten your head it's a circle of shit we're
in the middle of it but soon we'll all be dead like everybody
else that ever lived before, the things you make fall to the
floor and nobody knows how hard you tried, it's been that
way since the start of time- there was a caveman that did
some amazing things but nobody here gives a fuck and in a
thousand years they'll feel the same towards all the things
you've done chorus: so don't worry what might give you
cancer- or stay up nights just wanting answers its just a crap
shoot, but it's mostly crap things start off they're so terrific
they'll fuck up it's scientific entropy, uncertainty won't yield
to you love at first sight on a beautiful night and a feeling so
divine gets sucked down the toilet cuz something will spoil it
with the good times left behind you don't try to figure out
who's a fault powerful forces abound like a twig on a river in
the universe tomorrow you'll probably drown chorus: so don't
worry if it is a tumor - all this will be over sooner its just a

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