I've watched you grow for all these years and shamefully admit,
I'd love to watch you blossom and it's awful hard to quit
feeling these feelings stirring up inside of me.
You nearly are a woman now and in a couple years,
all the rules and boundaries will slowly disappear,
wait now my child until you get a little older,
every new sunrise brings your heart a little closer- to me

But I can't make love to you
because you're fourteen just a peck on the cheek as I'm counting the weeks go by (why? why?)
We can't make love together
because you're fourteen years old
And the trust of your mom that we're not doing wrong,
I just can't betray

Just an ounce of patience we can still do things we like-
watch you eat an ice cream cone and watch you ride your bike
Patiently longing for that future day of truth-
I want to hug and kiss you nearly every time I see you
but I don't want the neighborhood to get the wrong idea
there'll come a day when love like ours is not a crime
just give it time-

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