Apprehensive Respect


Standing naked at the edge of former order
The world known from unimportant memories
I fall silent with the sense of boundless alenation
Uncertainly undermines my further existence
Spreading in my heart the unbearable longing
For the laws of concentration camps

The time of dehumanization and contempt was my time
The time of formulating thoughts, steering the potential
The time of barbed wires and crematory glow was our time
The time of deeming values, receiving attitudes

My outlook distorted in immaturity
Moulded by inhuman times and acts
Fights with the common consciousness of crime

The world of mass genocide and murderous work
The world of ruthless executioners and gas chambers
The world of ubiquitous punishments and hunger terror
With the apprehensive respect I considered as mine

Being overwhelmed by the restored reality
I look apathetically for my own fate
In the lost world of reversed Decalogue

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