Loss Of Humanity


Sacrifice in the name of peace and justice
Forgiveness at the war with depravity
Altruism is response to hate and envy
Martyrdom by the choice...

This is just a desire, vision of your sick mind
No-one feels it anymore
Loss of humanity

Jealousy in the name of pride and meanness
Loneliness at the war with reality
Ruthlessness in response to sneer and insult
Deception by the choice...
Our live

Degradation of human race, morality means nothing now
Profanation of the old values, humanity is an empty word

Springs of inspiration die, with ethical handicap
No funeral
Illusory happiness captured without any rules
No scruples

Insolence in the name of lust and contempt
Apathy at the war with bestiality
Cruelty in response to death and evil
Atheism by the choice...

Never-ending battlefield, Abyss, where your soul hurts
Even you can't run away
Loss of humanity

The last hope is distortion, process, which we all feel
It is worthless existence
End of humanity

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