Wade Hayes

I Still Do


(marty stuart&chick rains)
last night when i touched you
it brought back memories
of the way it felt the first time
i held you close to me
i gave you my heart
and swore i'd always love you
and i still do
and when i closed my eyes
you were waiting there
standin' in the moon light
with the wind in your hair
you said there would come a time
i wouldn't dream of you
but i still do
and i still wake up every morning
and i thank god above
out of all the people on this earth
he gave me to love
don't you know my heart
and soul belong to you
i swear it's true
so when you asked if i still need you
after all this time
i can't believe that thought
would ever cross your mind
the answer is so simple
i just thought you knew
i still do
i still do

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