Adolf Hitler, Saviour Of The Aryan Race


Adolf Hitler, your legacy survives
It lives through those that heed your call
For without your stand
Against the greatest of evils
We would still be lost

You are the beacon of light
In the receding darkness
Your word is the truth
In a world full of lies

You did not falter
Like so many that followed
You sacrificed all
For our deliverance

Through our darkest years
You have shown us the way
You have given us a vision
A vision that lasts to this day

Adolf Hitler, your valour
Will always be remembered
It will guide us on this
Our Holy Crusade

Your life and death were not in vain
For your doctrine has spread across the World
A legion now stands and honours you
As the Saviour of the Aryan Race

[This song is dedicated to Adolf Hitler, one of the greatest men to have lived
in the last century.]

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