Aryan, Awake!

Your Empire lies in ruins
Your Fathers and Brothers slain
Your Mothers and Sisters made whores
All this at the hands of Judea...

The Blood calls to you in distress!
Heed the voice of your Ancestors
It bids you remember the treachery
That has befallen our Race...

Know that Adolf Hitler was right
His word shall become our law
We must never forgive nor forget
That which Judea has done

Fire the engines of WAR!
In the name of the Aryan Race!
Under the Holy Swastika!
For the purity of our World!

[Awake! is dedicated to those that have not yet pledged themselves to National

Decades have past since the end of World War II. Never before has the relevance
of that conflict been greater. Those decades have revealed an undeniable truth
that can not be dismissed:

The White Race has been enslaved by the treachery of the Jews.

We can remain slaves and watch as our World is destroyed or we can stand and
embrace National Socialism and fight for our survival.

Any measure less than National Socialism will fail as it is the control of a
falsified history surrounding National Socialism that strengthens the power of
the Jews.

Discover the values extolled in National Socialism within Adolf Hitler's Mein
Kampf, an autobiography and exposition of National Socialism.

Only when you have read Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf can you truly understand the
enslavement to which we are now bound.

"It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit will rise from
the grave, and the World will know that I was right!"

- Adolf Hitler]

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