Monuments Of Blood


Purity of Race
Undeniable beauty
This stands as a Monument of Blood

Fidelity to Race
Unyielding morality
This stands as a Monument of Blood

Loyalty to Race
Uncompromising duty
This stands as a Monument of Blood

Mastery of Race
Unrelenting supremacy
This stands as a Monument of Blood

[That the Aryan is superior cannot be contested. Throughout history the Aryan
has been the creator of the greatest civilisations.

The reason for the Aryan's superiority is due to four unique complimenting

Firstly the Aryan is ordained with superiority due the purity of his Race: a
Race whose provenance is divine, a Race whose progenitors were Gods.

Likewise the Aryan is superior through the fidelity to Race to which the Aryan
adheres. The progeny of the Aryan always remains Aryan.

The Aryan is also bound by a loyalty to his Race: a loyalty unto death. This
quality also ensures the Aryan's superiority.

Finally the Aryan is bestowed superiority through the Mastery of Race that is
granted through the triumph of the will to Aryan Supremacy.

An Aryan that does not live a life governed by these qualities is not an Aryan,
but an abomination whose only absolution is death.]

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