The Oath


I swear on the Blood of my Forefathers
As a devout servant to the Aryan Race
Loyalty and bravery

I vow to my Ancestors and my superiors
Whom the Blood shall appoint
Obedience unto death and victory over all

[The Oath is inspired by the Oath sworn by the SS to Adolf Hitler.

Initially the SS was formed as Adolf Hitler's personal guard, however during
the course of the rise of the Third Reich, Heinrich Himmler developed the SS
into a religious order dedicated to the resurgence of Aryan Supremacy.

Acceptance into the SS was primarily granted based on Racial purity followed by
examinations of physical adequacy. The candidate then had to undergo tests of
character before he was allowed to swear an Oath of membership and call himself
an SS man.

"Never forget. We are a knightly order from which one cannot withdraw, to which
one is recruited by Blood, and within which one remains body and soul."

- Heinrich Himmler]

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